Facilities and Communications Manager, GPA, Unveils New Website

The Global Ports Authority today, announced that it has recently launched a new website at www.GPAworldports.com.  The redesigned website boasts a user-friendly navigation with a clean and modern design.

Launched earlier this month, the new site features improved functionality with a new and improved Open Stands Database, home page and tabs for each region.  The website showcases GPA’s service offerings, port case studies, and official open standards frameworks.  It also includes convenient links to GPA’s social partnership scheme.

The user-friendly website is formatted for viewing on smartphones and tablets so that visitors can have the best user experience no matter how they are accessing the website and which ever ports the user is seeking.  The website is in compliance with Google’s latest guidelines for mobile-friendly sites.

“We are excited about the launch of GPA’s new website, and the ability to provide visitors with relevant information about GPA and all relevant open port authorities as we continue to grow and expand at a planetary scale,” said Rex Sherman, Head of IT at the GPA.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website at www.GPAworldports.com, and check back regularly for updates with new case studies, port standard frameworks for evaluation, press releases, review our large database of open port standards and career opportunities, as well as additional pages and features.